Hot take ar is op🔥

As the topic says… Change my mind🤨


Overpowered relative to what other weapon? Need specifics.

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Just overall. It’s optimal ttk is 1.25s which is relatively easy to secure consistently versus the faster optimal ttk of the sidekick which is 1.1s but rarely do you see this. The commandos optimal ttk is 1.14s but once again this is very hard to secure when compared to the AR.

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I totally agree the ‘Commando’ could use some love, it feels like a ‘slight power tweak’ could make it viable. Along with the ‘Plasma Carbine’ and ‘Ravager’, two weapons I rarely do well with.

Personally, I manage to beat the ‘AR’ a lot with the sidekick, but you make some good points also!


The AR and sidekicks are pretty good, which is where they should be.

both are good all rounders sure they can do good damage and you are going to be hard pressed to loose a 1v1 with them outside of skill, but someone who knows what they are doing with a more specialized weapon can out play you in several situations.

they are jacks able to do most things to an ok degree but not being specialized in anything.

That said I would rather have a sidekick then a BR… but that is just because I hate comp players. I use the mangler just to scar them.

The AR can be out shot/played by the sidekick yes. But you have to look at it as 2 players of similar skill one using only the AR vs the other using only the sidekick. Which one wins more fights? In my experience (I’m onyx 1600+ in crossplay using controller and I only solo queue) the AR will come out on top in I’d say 4 out of 5 engagements. Which I’d argue is way too effective.

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The Mangler doesn’t scare me. I think it’s balanced fairly well and have made a topic against nerfing it.

Same, the only thing I would do to it is make it take longer to spawn in comp and make sure both sides have access to it, as it is the anti aggression weapon.

It outright punishes people who are to greedy, and in comp they don’t have the AR to do that as a basic.

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Exactly it’s point is to shut down close engagements fast.
It does just that.

Maybe if the comp players started picking up the AR to counter the mangler they would find it more balanced.

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With no reasoning as to why you think this, why should anyone care enough to bothered to change your mind?

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Thanks for giving no genuine input?

I don’t believe AR spawns on the same maps as mangler in comp.

the only map with an AR in comp is live fire sadly.

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You say when people are actually reasoning with them…

Your right and it spawns on the same side as Mangler😅