Hosting Spartan Warrior!

Hosting Spartan Warrior tournament beginning May 18th on halo 5!
Spartan Warrior is a 4 stage obstacle course to test your skills in jumping, speed, balance and determination!
The first of many tournaments to come.
NO abilities are used with the game type. Only sprint is available when running the course. That is including no clambering.
Looking for competitors who are interested to compete in this tournament.
Each stage is in my file share under my profile. You can practice all you would like before doing your run.

  • Spartan Warrior: T1 S1 - Spartan Warrior: T1 S2 - Spartan Warrior: T1 S3Each stage consist of a time limit to complete to move onto the next stage

  • Stage 1: 90 seconds to complete - Stage 2: 80 seconds to complete - Stage 3: No time limit - Stage 4: 30 seconds to completeFailing on an obstacle or not completing the stage within the time limit will be an elimination from the tournament.
    Stage 1 consists of 9 obstacles: Quintuple Steps, Crooked Wall, Vertical Slide Step, Unsteady Balance Tanks, Gap jump, Spinning Fan, Oscillating Rings, Warped Wall, and Rope Climb.
    Stage 2: consists of 7 obstacles: High Slider, Block Jumps, Spider Walk, Crazy Salmon Ladder, Cross Swings, Metal Spin, Wall lift
    Stage 3 consists of 6 obstacles: X Jumps, Tarzan Vines, Curtain Cling, Cliff Hanger, Globe Grasp, Pipe Connector
    Stage 4: Final stage, climb Mount Midoriyama in 30 seconds!
    Tournament will run for exactly 2 weeks starting May 18th. So each run will have to be completed sometime in this time frame. You can contact me anytime when you want to do your runs.
    Also a prize is available if you are able to complete all 4 daunting stages and become a Spartan Warrior! $20 xbox gift card!
    If interested, post your gamertag or feel free to message me on xbox live: AoC xScopeSided
    Thanks, get training Spartans!