Hosting lan server, not showing up

I am trying to host a LAN server of Halo Combat Evolved, but the server is not shown on the GameSpy lobby nor am I able to join it. I’m not sure what is going on. Here is the init file:

sv_name LANServer
sv_public 1
sv_rcon_password ********* (removed for obvious reasons)
sv_status 0
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_mapcycle_timeout 15
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch “LANSlayer”
sv_mapcycle_add timberland “LANRockets”
sv_mapcycle_add dangercanyon “LANCTF”
sv_mapcycle_add boardingaction “LANSnipers”
sv_mapcycle_add longest “LANRockets”
sv_mapcycle_add putput “LANOddball”
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek “LANSlayer”
sv_mapcycle_add damnation “LANKing”
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch “LANRockets”
sv_mapcycle_add ratrace “LANRockets”
sv_mapcycle_add wizard “LANJuggernaut”
sv_mapcycle_add derelict “LANSlayer”
sv_mapcycle_add sidewinder “LANOffDef”
sv_mapcycle_add dangercanyon “LANSnipers”
sv_mapcycle_add icefields “LANRace”
sv_mapcycle_add prisoner “LANSlayer”