Hosting Halo 4 Customs Sniper/BR Unlimited

Hosting custom Halo 4 Sniper/Br matches to get prepared for the awaited MLG gametypes. I feel Halo 4 has been a bit lacking for me in terms of sniper usage after the team snipers gametype was removed, so I will be hosting matches with unlimited ammo, and probably some custom maps to enrich the experience a bit.

I need a good community of people by my side for a continuous custom lobby, which I hope to run daily, so I encourage everyone interested in unlimited ammo Sniper/BR (maybe some DMR) matches to add me.

My gamertag is: Isaniac4xc

I do have a headset, and I may be on and off with using it. This is intended to be slightly competitive, so anyone planning on abusing game functions or being nothing but a nuisance should expect to be booted, not that I would want to do that.

Alright, see you guys online.