Hosting Halo 3 Infection Games

Now that Halo 3 is basically back and kickin, i’ve thought it a good idea to host some of the old infection game types that we all love. I’ve only got a choice few (Examples: Omega Journey, Duck Hunt, Peasant Hunt, Trash Compactor, Sky Castle, Jenga, Township, Fat Kid Variants…) I host almost everyday around 5:00 Pacific Time, 8:00 Central Time etc… So if you ever want to play just send me message via xbox live and an invite will be sent. I would love to see this game back alive you know, but im only one person, it would be great if you guys can go off and host your own lobby’s, relive those old experiences and these amazing maps could be played by thousands to come. What Im really trying to say is dont let this game die again. Give people some incentive to play. Hope to see you all in the custom games lobby’s!

Gamer Tag : wolf conkiller
Online: Everyday

I’d be able to, GT is Vicks007kid