Hosting a THFE party

For those of you who don’t know what THFE is click the link below.

I will be hosting a THFE party in 10 minutes, so if you would like to join send a message to: The Grim Dealer on XBL and ask for an invite.

Game playlist:
Nascar Pro on Speed

5 Levels of Terror on 5 Levels of Terror

Inv_Bunker on Bunker Complex

Battleship Blockade on Battleship Blockade

Rent-a-Car on Crash-Up Derby

Invasion: Summit on Summit

Tank: Speedpile on The Tank Game

Themeb on Toy Factory(Tetris)

Trench Battlefield

Armor Walkers on Grab and hold

Anniv. BTB Slayer on Crossfire Canyon

Were you saying something? Not interesting.

better question is what were you saying oh not that is right not any thang.

That’s a pretty interesting-looking set of maps. Nice job on the forging.

Unfortunately, I don’t play invasion.