Hosting a 2v2 Tournament!!

So I’ve decided to host my 2nd 2v2 tournament on halo 4 since the 1st one was pretty successful,

The Rules are simple, Normal Halo 4 settings with tiny changes, Radar, Weapon pick ups, Time limit 25 and score up to 25. It is a 2 out of 3 game, and the maps will be Haven, Adrift and Abandon.

I do plan on starting this tournament this coming Sat at 8:00PM eastern time zone.
I do not know yet wether I will be giving out a prize. Such as Microsoft points… It all depends on how many teams I can get. PLZ DO NOT look foward on a prize… I’d say, friendships, recognition and respect will be your prize. (I am not sponsored or anything like it, I’m just a simple girl who has decided to bring so competitive players against each other)

I already have a few Teams of 2, so please if you are interested in being in this 2v2 tournament send me your GamerTag and your Partners Gamer tag. If you can’t find one, I will try my best to match you up with another who does not as well.
You can MSG me in here or MSG me on my Xbox live profile, WPX ROSE WOLF
Thank you.

Interested just for the competition. Yeah we would like to join. XBOX360eLiTe54C and AsianChief3C (BETA Clan)

I have a team who is interested in joining. I’ll PM you.