Host Selection Processes & The Reach Title Update

The host selection processes in Reach badly need to be upgraded in the Title Update. It’s well known that Bungie’s Reach servers had been programmed horribly to select host for games. Not only that, they made a one cheek attempt to appease people by putting a network status feature in the game that doesn’t even work. It was a feature that said, “here, let us show you how we don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to evaluating good or bad connections.”
I shouldn’t get host 80 out of 100 games while people thousands of miles away tell me it’s like playing on LAN and then be forced to go 500 games in a row without getting host when I have a 0ms ping, 10mbps upload with 0 packet loss, and a router set up perfectly for Xbox Live. Let me be clear, I’m not complaining about not getting host. I’m simply upset at the fact that such poor connections are given host so often.
It shouldn’t be hard to implement better diagnostics to determine best host. A player’s ability to ping various distances/time along with their jitter averages, upload speed and packet loss rates should be recorded every time they sign into xbox live or start up Halo Reach. That information should be put into a formula to calculate an overall score. The best connection with the best score should get host, period. Some kid with the worst DSL connection in rural Kentucky should not be able to pull host over a connection like mine multiple games in a row simply because they bought a new console.
To make things worse, neither the prefer good connection or language feature work. It boggles my mind why they would put search filters and network status features into a game that are so obviously broken. Why are they counting on people not caring or knowing any better?
In such a precision oriented game, I truly hope 343i doesn’t make the same mistake as Bungie did by underestimating the power that laggy games have over one’s desire to keep playing. Halo could’ve had a bigger fanbase if host selection had only been improved in the past. You may not know it, but many people have rage quit after habitual bad host, only to turn to other FPSs, barely ever playing Halo multiplayer online again. If they were smart, they would’ve invested in fixing host selection long ago.
People with good connections are punished for extended periods the way it’s set up now, and I don’t think anyone can argue against it being better for everyone if the best connection in the game got host.

I wish i pulled host more too lol