Host Lag and Team Regicide

I’m pretty bad at this game. Not good, not decent, just bad. Strangely enough, though, in Team Regicide, I’m pretty good. I just had a game with 21-3, King all the way, and we were 3 vs 4. And that is incredibly wrong. There’s no way I should be that good, especially with my team being one man down.

Now, I play other game modes, so I know I’m bad, don’t argue with me. But I do have a really good Internet Connection. I took the time to optimize it for online gameplay, and with the low player numbers on Team Regicide, chances are pretty good I get to be the host. And this host advantage must be about the worst I’ve seen this Crysis 2.

I know it’s not the usual MO to complain about something I consistently seem to take advantage of, but I know how laggy games feel, I know how in some games people soak up bullets with their shields down, turn around in kill you. And I can only imagine how angry people are when a bad player like me manages to outplay them despite their best efforts, just because my Internet is great.

I am aware that there are only so many things you can do from the dev-side to minimze the Host-Lag, but some better regional matchmaking, and maybe a coding-update for the networking code could at least try to minimize the tremendous advantage the host enjoys.

Fastkilltimes = More advantage for host and strong net.

You have good luck mate in H4 great net > skill