host booters!

ok so does 343 or xbox people of any sort do anything to host booters?
because apparently i havent seen much of any results. ive seen the same booters for at least a month, and they are notoriously known as booters. and yes i have filed complaints, and submitted reviews, but apparently nobody takes those seriously. so im just wondering is there any place to officially report this kind of stuff?

It’s Xbox LIVE job to ban them for it.

Filing a complaint is all you can do.

It is painfully unfortunate getting plagued by host booters…they all but ruin the game sometimes. But again unfortunately all you can do is file a complaint every time they do it, and hope that they will get theirs eventually, and assuming XBL is doing their job…they will. Until then I might also suggest dash-boarding when you get them to save yourself the anguish.