Horrific Glassing Beam and Eradication Disconnects

So I hopped on into Ranked 2s the other day with a friend of mine. We both picked Atriox (disgusting, I know) and were pressing a solid advantage. We tried to use a double Eradication on an enemy base and it immediately disconnected me, dropping 60 percentage points towards Plat 1. Today, that same friend, another friend, and myself were in a 3s match. We were on the defensive this time, holding up well, but had no duplicate leaders. We had one guy defending one side of our bases while the other two defended the other. The guy who was alone was in the middle of a fight, when the enemy team dropped a Glassing Beam on him, and it immediately dropped him. Needless to say we lost, and I lost a little less than 60 percentage points in Ranked 3s as well. We both got errors about our clients being out of sync with everyone else’s after our respective disconnects. This sounds like, gamebreaking, and like something that would be grounds for disabling ranked/glassing beam/both. Anyone else have that same issue or a fix? Does 343i/CA know about it?

This is all on PC