Horrible matchmaking system

Social matchmaking needs to stop taking average skill for teams. It is absolutely not fun when you have 1 good player with 3 bad ones. Nobody has fun. Its not fun to carry and its not fun to get stomped. I wouldnt even consider myself that good witha 1.5 kd, but i end up having had topscored and carried my last 50 games as per halo tracker. Most of the time my teammates are so bad we still lose. There has to be a good solution where above average players dont get punished. I dont enjoy having to tryhard in casual especially when i need to just complete challenges. Im perfectly happy with giving my all in ranked. This is another thing to add to stuff wrong with the game, but it is also very important.

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Its called SBMM, funny thing 343 deleting all post that somehow refering to this issue…(my post too)
There is only one way to get around this and have fun - reverse boosting (basically you lose intentially for about 10+ games missing all shoots)

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