Horrible match making

Dear 343,
In spite of the great halo launch. Match making in this series is horrible. Not to whine but many games I have played against a team of full onyx/diamond in solo queues. I myself isn’t very good, plat player. But the match making is seriously atrocious. Please do something about it before even promising new updates. Match making is one of the core for multiplayer.


same thing for me .
because I play Gold 4 ( not pro )
the game I find people platinum level 5 ?
Where is the balance ?
The matchmaking find me people not classificated or too high for my level and my skills ?
The problema is simplex and i think you canzoni fix it.

Hi Nokastu,

We aren’t the only ones facing this issue. For SWAT I am a diamond 1 player. But during matches im facing a team full of ONYX players and the teammates on my team are Gold/Plat players.