Horrible Breakout Luck

First game of the day: 0-5 Loss
Second game of the day: 2-5 loss, DEMOTION
Third game: “Oh boy, we’re actually winning! We only have to win this one round and I’ll finally have my Arena win for the day and get my rank back up! I just need to-” “CONNECTION LOST”


I give up. My Breakout Commendations will from here out remain FOREVER INCOMPLETE.
The stats on my profile?
Breakout Victory 5/5 32/50; Against All Odds 3/5 1/9, Unstoppable 3/5 0/9?
Yeah, those are the numbers they’ll be at for eternity. Goodbye, Breakout. It was fun while it las… Actually no, no it wasn’t. This is not the first time I’ve literally blown my voice out rage-screaming because of you.

Looking at your profile, you have the skill to finish those commendations. It’s a grind though. Might want to stay out of shotgun range and use the magnum/br more. The shotgun is terribly inconsistent in my experience, so for immortals don’t trust it to keep you alive. The bad thing about breakout is that you pretty much have to decide before a match if you want to either progress the commendations or win the match. Those are bad commendations in my opinion because they promote selfish play, but if you want to complete them you gotta do what you gotta do. Immortals are fairly easy if you let the enemy take the flag and stay on your side of the map. Never chase the flag runner. Against All Odds you can make sure you are the last guy left every round and eventually you’ll get them. If you want to really game the system, start playing like crap right now (to lower your csr/rank) and throw your placements in breakout when ranks reset in a few days. You might drop enough to make the comms easier. Not saying you should, but it’s an option.

I love Breakout but I fell into a slump so I took a break from it. So I completely understand the whole losing thing. Reached Plat 5 and was probably one win from Plat 6. Grinded from Bronze 3 to get there. String of terrible games and I dropped to Plat 3. I think the new season starts on the 1st so it looks like I won’t be getting to that Diamond I was hoping for but maybe, since I’ve had time to get used to it, I’ll rank higher after the initial games. Fingers crossed.