Horrendous rubber-band lag? Or standbying?

It seems that almost every other game there is a really big amount of lag, literally to the point of rubber-banding like how Battlefield Bad Company 2. Either some of the playlist are experiencing this, or someone is cheating.

I’m running 20mbps, and I am not the only one experiencing it. Any info on this?


I was experiencing really bad rubber-band lag for awhile. Seemed to clear up though. Hope yours does.

I’m at 30mbps and I’m experiencing it mostly in Big Team Slayer & Dominion. Most noticeably in that I fire a Banshee cannon round and I see it land 50 feet back in the direction I came from.

I’d like to blame lag on my poor 1 vs 1 performances but I’m pretty sure I’m just getting double teamed and never seeing the 2nd man.

Has 343 addressed this? I know they did about the servers being whacking the first couple days but this seems to be more of an isolated problem.

Played a bunch of games last night where guys were teleporting around the map like Raiden. I had to back out after the game and didn’t see it after. Hopefully it’s lag and not people “standbying”.

You are not the only one, This does remind me of the first week or so of Bad company 2. I am sure it is a problem on 343’s side.