hornet is better than falcon

not the hornet with the nerfed turret gun and no missles from h3 multiplayer. talkin bout the hornet from h3 campaign. bring that back. without a nerfed turret gun (don’t nerf the turret gun on the hornet), and WITH the hornets stinger missles. (don’t take out the hornet’s stinger missles). done.


I prefer the falcon. Reasons: It’s kind of like a miniature pelican with extra firepower. It can carry 6 people, not 3. The main gun is much more accurate. There are two different types of rider turrets: chaingun and grenade launcher, the hornet only has one type, nothing. Final reason: it’s faster. MUCH faster.

I like the hornet better. The ability to carry rocketeers on the side, or flag carriers, makes it a better begucle for Halo 5’s diverse vehicle group. Though if they could add both I would be ecstatic

The falcon is more fun. Being a pilot and working together with your gunners out of necessity is more fun than just having the pilot do whatever he wants because his armaments are more reliable than the aim of a rocket gunner. Plus, from experience on Invasion maps, the falcon is very handy for the whole team. I would, however, like to see the hornet come back though, maybe as a variant where it’s just a single-seater?