Hopes for Halo Infinite

By the looks of the trailer, it seems 343’s finally taking a step in the right direction in terms of art and armor style (albeit a little cartoony.) After not setting foot on a Halo for the last two Halo games, it’ll be refreshing for Infinite to live up to the name of the game. Below are a few things I really hope to see Infinite have implemented.

  • Classic gameplay. ADS, sprint, shoulder charge, ground pound, mid-air aiming, clambering… all of these additions to Halo 5 ruined the pure nature of the gameplay in such a drastic sense I can’t get any sort of Halo-ish feel when playing multiplayer. Like Ordnance in Halo 4, these unnescarry and not-asked-for additions feel forced and do not improve the core gameplay experiance whatsoever. I feel like I’m playing a Destiny/Call of Duty/Titanfall mashup when I attempt to play Halo 5 because of the overabundance of “enhanced” movment mechanics. Revert back to the classic movment style of the older Halos where sprint and combat abilities weren’t present. - PC (Windows 10) release. A Steam release would be prefered, although judging by Halo Wars 2 being a Microsoft Store only exclusive, it looks like Infinite will not come to Steam. If it is only on the Windows Store, I’d certainly hope the client will be heavily updated and purged of the multitude of bugs plaguing it. - Reach/Halo 4 style armory. Like most of you, I can never get enough customization. When I heard of all the hundreds of armor sets coming to Halo 5, I was ecstatic. Until, however, I found out that every helmet had three or four spray-painted variations and there were like half a dozen EVA ripoffs - very little classic and iconic armor. Not to mention the vast majority of the “new” armor in Halo 5 looks downright hideous. In Installation 01, a fan-made Halo game using assets built from the ground up, the armory will have more than a dozen customizable sections. Shoulders, forearms, feet, utility, hips, thighs, calves… all are customizable and gives the player a greater sense of individuality. Having armor sets and pieces behind achievements or credit unlocks will also retain players and give them a sense of vicroty when unlocking rare and hard-to-aquire sets. Halo 5’s RNG armory is one of the many reasons I despise the game. - Ranks and commendations. In Halo 4, I was max rank and had 91% commendation progress after five months playing the game. In Halo Reach, I have 80% commendation progress and am one rank from Inheritor after playing since 2011. In Halo Infinite, commendations should be hard to acquire and shouldn’t be able to be completed in a single day. It seems the community likes the skill-based ranking system from Halo 3 and Reach’s level-up system equally, so why not have both styles of ranking a player? One for multiplayer skill (competitive score) and the other for time played (Halo Reach military cR/EXP-based ranks)?
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