Hopefully will be in final product

Good Morning Spartans

I’ve been playing the beta since Monday night and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Only seen 1 or 2 little bugs/glitches nothing too game breaking. I thought I’d start this post for anyone who like me has something they would like to see added into the final product of the game.

(If you want to bash the game and swear off buying it, I would respectfully ask that you post that stuff somewhere else please, there are plenty of threads where those comments are welcome)

Anyway on with my 1 thing - In HW1 players were able to set units to travel along waypoints (simply by holding the X button to add a new waypoint) I found this extremely useful for many different things, uncovering the map, collecting resources, pulling enemy armies out of position etc.

I would really like to see a waypoint system return in the full game.

Totally agree, that was a really useful feature.
That being said, I’ve had a few instances where units simply ignore movement commands and refuse to listen on occasion. Clearly this is a bug of some kind, so here’s hoping the waypoint feature is something to be added as they polish the navigation system.

Having a blast in this beta, though, seems to be shaping up to be a really solid sequel.