hope to see Arbiter, Locke, Jun in halo infinite

I know most people hate Locke but I would like to see him again and especially Arbiter…
Would love to see Jun to we haven’t seen him at all since reach when he left with Halsey

Same here! Locke has potential to be a good character. They did a good job with him in Nightfall, so I was pretty bummed out that they reduced him to a robot with no personality in H5.

Honeslty an RPG-style campaign would be good with a ton of play. Like a 50-hour story mode. That way even if they’re just minour roles, a lot of characters could come back. Imagine if Raine Forge showed up in her suped up ship with Chakas and tried to steal/salvage resources from a Forerunner relic site that John-117 just happened to be visiting at that moment.