Hope this is the right place to share a mini story

Ok before we begin I have to say this. NOTHING IN THIS STORY REALLY HAPPENS IN HALO! THIS IS A SANDBOX CREATION! COMPANY 31 DOES NOT EXIST IN HALO LORE IT IS A CUSTOM COMPANY! THIS MIGHT NOT FOLLOW LORE! Also, my writing isn’t the best so give me a break. Heh. This is the first time I ever published my work so please be gentle with criticism.
Let’s begin.
Seramice, access data file-1337
Designated Commanding Officer of Company 31, High General Kano was dispatched to Gamma-53 for a peace mission. The mission went south very fast as landing ships were shot down before they even got into orbit. Kano was knocked unconscious during the landing. Days later he awoke to be in a makeshift tent with insurrectionists guarding him. There were gunshots as the insurgents fell, blood seeping from their corpses. Company 31 SPECs came running in with Assault Rifles and quickly recovered him. They brought him outside to an awaiting Pelican-class dropship and Kano was brought over to the C31 mini-base. For over a year the battle of Gamma-53 was going on. Every day hundreds of soldiers went out and never returned. General Kano eventually took matters into his own hands. He went to the Battalion Commander who was acting C.O until he healed, and detained him. Kano called in the SPECs and gave the speech that would later inspire more to join C31.
“I brought you here so I can let you know, we’re not going to live. Not all of us. Look, this is less of a speech and more of a ‘good luck’. Just- Don’t die. These rebels just want to kill us so they can take our equipment. Just don’t die. Remember: For the Company we live and we die. For the Company we hold our banner high. For the Company we prevail. And when the battle is over, with delight and sadness, we exhale. FOR COMPANY 31!”
The vehicular unit commandant went to Kano and said, “What are we to do if the enemies overpower us? We’re outnumbered 10 to 1!” to which Kano just laughed and replied, “If they could overpower us they’d have done it by now. We’ve been here for over a year and if anything we’ve been winning. Just don’t throw your men away.” The Commandant saluted and turned to his unit “Men! Load into your vehicles! We’re going to win this war once and for all!” All the soldiers thrust their fists into the air and got into armor, loaded weapons, and prepared vehicles.
After an hour drive Company 31 arrived at the enemies base for a final push. The enemies started to shell C31 with Kodiak firepower. The Company kept going. Every vehicle was firing all their shots at the Kodiak artillery. The rocket-hogs got to the front and the gunners blew down the gates. All infantry got out of their vehicles and rushed in, bayonets activated. The Insurgents couldn’t react fast enough. Kano walked in with SPECs guarding him. Gunfire filled the air. An Insurgent rushed at Kano with their rifle. Kano quickly drew a magnum and shot him right in the head, his body went flying backwards from the force, his shields down and blood spilling everywhere. “This is a bloody battle. Luckily it was over quickly.” The infantry was killing off survivors, when the last one went down an officer ran to Kano and said “Sir! We found something! This is big!” to which Kano and the SPECs ran to the massive 12-inch thick titanium blast doors. Specialists ran up to the doors and planted 10 pounds of C4 explosives. “Breach!” Kano shouted as the doors blew open to reveal a low-light cave. When the ringing stopped from the explosives there was a silence. The Ranger Commandant gestured for 2 SPECs to walk in and take point. A loud shriek suddenly filled the chilly air as something grabbed the SPECs and tore them apart. Only a second later several small creatures came swarming out towards the remaining Company 31 soldiers. “Flood! It’s the -Yoink!- flood!” a Field Commander screamed…
I hope you enjoyed that! For a full taste of my work please contact me on discord or send me a message on here. If you don’t have an Xbox you can make an account without owning one and message with me on there. Maybe even join my discord server! Discord it’s dedicated to these stories!

i always love when the community gets creative and makes fan fiction.

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> i always love when the community gets creative and makes fan fiction.

It’s actually background on my spartan and Halo clan. Company 31

> 2535462126423026;2:
> i always love when the community gets creative and makes fan fiction.

Also, SPECs are my own custom little creation. Kind of like Sangheli Honor Guards they guard HiComm members.

very cool

I think you mean C12.