Hope... That this can make a difference

Halo… The game that truly introduced me, and many others, to competitive gaming. I can remember, before I had the slightest clue about any professional gaming leagues, playing Halo CE with my older brother, constantly getting three shotted when we played 1v1 on the tube T.V. downstairs. I can remember the rush I got from playing my first XBC game. It was 2v2, just me and my brother playing Halo. I can remember the first day Halo 2 came out, having to watch my brother play it as I hoped for a turn. I can remember the day I got my own account on Xbox live, and playing Halo 2 until five o’clock in the morning. I had never been up that late before, but with the game I was playing, time didn’t exist. I can remember getting my level 30 in hardcore for the first time, and not wanting to play the game type anymore so I wouldn’t lose my level. Man, that ranking system was so good. I can even remember getting up at ten on Saturdays, just to watch MLG tournaments on USA. All I ask is to bring these memories back to us with Halo 4.

Competitive Halo is dyeing, and we need your help to bring it back to full life. The original Halo qualities are obviously the ones that make Halo, Halo. The ranking system… It was just so simple, yet so awesome. It made the game fun and competitive. We played people of our skill level, hoping we could break out of that barrier that separated us from the next level. The maps… We want real maps! We don’t want to play forged maps. It’s not right to make a game; make maps that completely ignore the requirements for a competitive map, and give us something called forge and say it’s a done deal. C’mon, we want a game that at least makes a valid attempt to fulfill the expectations of everybody in the community. What is happening to Halo?! Remember when you would go to MLGpro.com and see Halo on the front page, and not Starcraft II? Remember all those tournaments that had you at the edge of your seat? Let me remind you of MLG Las Vegas 2006, where Carbon beet the seemingly unbeatable Final Boss. The day that Halo: Reach gets a crowd like that is the day I stop playing the Halos forever.

I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this makes an impact on the development of Halo 4, and the attention given to us, the MLG community. Thank you.