Hope for Spartan Ops, Season 2?

Although I’m fairly certain Halo 2: Anniversary, something with the TV series or a side-game a la Spartan Assault is going to be what was meant by ‘Your Journey Begins 2014’, is there anyone out there that’s hoping that maybe, just perhapsibly, this means a new season of Spartan Ops?

Reasons Against: I think it was outright and unmistakably said that there will be no additions to Spartan Ops at some point shortly after S1 E10 ‘aired’ and the concept was gravely criticized in its early days (read: first half of Season One) due to recycled environments and frankly bland storytelling in the playable mission parts, to the point where I suspect that a fair number of people didn’t bother with Episodes 6-10.

Reasons For: This is the first time that your Spartan has been allowed to occupy a campaign space without having a story attached to him/her beyond their participation in the missions themselves and membership in Fireteam Crimson (and the latter is customizable to a great degree if you get creative, as I did).

In addition to offering a PvE experience for your character and those of your friends it also gives you a chance to integrate your head-canon into a definite piece of the world and acts as a nice medium between the slower, more personal story of campaign and the storyless, glorious mayhem of competitive multiplayer.

If you’re not the sort that cares to give your Spartan a tale of their own and sees them only as your personal avatar of death, you’ve still got a fairly decent example of a campaign in the video aspects of SpOps as well as the latter half of the the season.

Now, obviously I am indeed biased in favor of Spartan Ops continuing, but I would like to hear (from both sides mind you) what everyone thinks of this. Hopefully I’m not the only one that holds some tiny spark of hope for this happening.

At this point? I doubt it.

A new Halo game is coming this year, well that’s what I gathered from E3 2013. It isn’t Halo 5: Guardians as previously thought too.

With the low amount of players still playing Halo 4, a second season of Spartan Ops would be a bad investment. If anything, the stories of those characters should be saved for a future title.

> Apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but we have no plans for a season 2. That being said, we will absolutely be continuing the story line of those characters and events. In fact, I may or may not have overheard the narrative discussing this very thing recently… :slight_smile:

It would have been nice. I thought Spartan ops would be this continual stream of content at first I think.