Hope 343 take a look at this list of features and fixes to improve the game


  • Lighting needs a overhaul, even though the individual textures were great, many of the environment looked like they were miniature without proper contrast from the light
  • Needs to add more dynamic elements in the map, most if not all of the map felt lifeless and fake
  • Every effect such as shield recharging and explosion needs to be redone. They looked really bad compare to halo 3
  • Need to add even more details to the gun. Guns should be more war torn and dirty. They still feel like nerf guns


  • No collision really hampers the experience, especially in CQB with the bad high ping in asia. Melee doesnt register properly all the time
  • Many of the power weapons is too weak compare to starting weapons, such as heatwave and disrupter pistol
  • Physics needs to be revert back to the good old days when grenade jump and grav hammer works. With the physics now in play the sandbox would be endless instead of feeling restrictive


  • Halo staple modes like swat infection should be added to the game
  • where is firefight? This should be in the game at launch included in the campaign package
  • Infinite lacked a featured mode for mutiplayer or coop (halo 3 had forge, reach had invasion, odst had firefight, halo 4 had spartan ops, halo 5 had breakout and warzone)


  • The battlepass and progression should be redone before they go live. Right now they were simply unacceptable. FTP should earn credit after every match or they should be challenge rewards to let people who want to grind get what they want (Maybe 10 after each win?)
  • Add player color customization just like what we had and only charge for different materials and special color coatings. When a simple BLUE cost me 5$ something must be wrong
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I’m still waiting to see the “split in the community” 343i mentioned when regarding this change because pretty much most people who discuss this topic agree that removing collision was not necessary.

In my time playing, no collision is really not improving the gameplay

Regarding lighting, ray tracing will be added later. That’s why it looks weird for now.

Later is really not a good excuse, we need to know when, 2 years after is also technically later

Yeah, there’s a split, its a 9/10 in favor of collisions. :clown_face:

hope 343 actually read or look in to forums, from what i played now and alpha they fixed almost nothing but ui bugs

They need to optimize the game. My GPU is barely being utilized and I cant even pull a consistent 60 FPS. And its not like this game looks graphically insane or anything either its just the optimization is bad.

Doom Eternal took like a year to patch their game with ray tracing.

That a problem i missed. this game looks this gen yet performs like a next gen title

Guess thats at least a year with flat lighting and bad visual, with is not good for a flag ship title like this

Did they outline why they removed it? It can be annoying to get blocked by your team but it’s part of the experience.