Honestly, there is no hope

Honestly, there is no hope. I am out of hopium and copium. I know none of you care. I know 343 doesn’t care. The challenge system is terrible, I get bored after a few games. Guess what 343? I KNOW how to have fun with your game. I don’t need you to tell me. The coating system is beyond the most terrible thing that has killed majority of the customization. Your cosmetics look like generic scifi crap I have seen 1000 times. None of it really screams the spirit of Halo. Cores? Really? Who ever is behind cores, coatings, and challenges, should be fired. These 3 things are why this game is absolutely unbearable and leave me without hope.

It’s crazy how the ball was dropped this hard. It’s like not a single person even understands what made Halo fun. You did okay with the game mechanics, but really, that isn’t enough to justify the monstrosity. You literally just had to copy MCC. The rankings, customizations, battle passes, and UI. Literally all of it you could have copy pasted. The ONE thing you guys did right, you said “screw it” and did the opposite.

Honestly I feel bad saying some of this because I am sure there are SOME people who really tried. I am sure some people worked really hard. But this is undoubtedly an issue with decision making. Not sure who was making them.

Couldn’t even justify trying out season 2. My copium almost made me do it… but I promised myself after season 1 I would never buy another pass until the aforementioned things were fixed. Which I am sure they will never be. Honestly wish this game just died after Halo Reach. At least it would have left off on a high note.

Anyways, I am uninstalling.


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