Honestly, how are we expected to complete some of these challenges?

Look, I understand challenge swaps and “MAKE MONEY” and all this, but some of these are ridiculous. Some of them are not even registering and we are forced to use a challenge swap because they don’t work! They are difficult to complete in a month let alone a week of playing. This is not a player-centered challenge system.

Some of them are so contingent on circumstance you may not even be able to get an opportunity for one based on the weapons on the map! How am I supposed to destroy three Wasps when many games don’t even go that long? Getting a bulltrue is hard enough let alone being randomly assigned a map that has a sword.

Please make these challenges more reasonable and more conducive to team play. It’s a little absurd that I’m compelled to grab a spiker and hide until a Wasp shows up just so I can complete a challenge. Challenge swaps and double xp should be for people who want to speedrun progression. We shouldn’t be forced to use these because a challenge is too unreasonable.