Honest Opinions about Behemoth?

So I’ve been playing ranked alot (I just hit Diamond 1, almost 2) but from all my time with a team and even solo there is one out lander map and game mode wise.


This feels like an absolute mistake being a 4v4 ranked map when the entire flow of the map was made from the sands up for vehicle play. Within a 4v4 ranked setting, the map is just not really that fun. Open bases that make spawn killing a mess, a tunnel underneath that makes going from 1 size of the map to the other so easy it’s hard to catch a break in CTF. The mancannons should be disabled in a 4v4 ranked mode for the sake of just team based play.

I don’t mind it as a casual map, but as a ranked mode, I usually know and feel like it’s gonna be a loss. I love CTF but sometimes I see it as a stalemate, it’s a infinite push and pull with no end sometimes. The amount of times I’ve ended a ranked CTF match with Sudden Death or Overtime is just annoying.

Anyone else got thoughts about the map itself?

I think it will be a great Ranked CTF map when they add Magnum starts.

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lol I know that there are players out there that honestly and truly love this map. Personally I hate this map with the passion of a thousand suns. lmfao. As far as an honest opinion goes, Other than the mongoose, I feel like other vehicles are entirely too strong on this map. My other major issue is having power weapons in the towers. I understand that they are there to force a sense of urgency to the teams to rush the towers to take control of the map. I understand what they were going for. I honestly do. But the way the map currently plays feel very unbalanced in my personal opinion. The layout of the map also kinda bugs me. Almost like the layout is too simple lol. Maybe its just me.

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Yea, I agree with the idea that the map is too simple, it’s always too open 75% and it’s hard to cut line of sight in the map.

If it was 6 v. 6 or something like that, I could maybe get behind it. But 4 v. 4 on this map is absurd. Hopped into a quickplay last night on it and it was just silly. The other team just controlled a wasp the entire time and got like 20 kills that way. I doubt it was fun for anyone in the match. The other 4 v. 4 maps allow for flanks and allow squads to regroup by shifting easily to different parts of the map. Behemoth just doesn’t fit with how open it is.

It fits somewhere between the 12 v. 12 maps and the 4 v. 4 maps.

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It’s a good map that should be relocated to squad battle and BTB. I’ve zero idea why anybody thought this was a 4v4 map. But they also like selling us games that don’t work, so… Go figure.