Honest impressions on the demo

I have now watched the demo several times and here are my impressions, and criticisms of it.


  • Elite and brute armor looks too clean. Most of the elite and brute armor looks way too clean and almost like plastic. Same goes for the warthog and some of the weapons. This is probably an easy fix and may have even been fixed by now. (Demo is supposedly a few months old)
  • Not enough blood. This could be just for marketing the demo, I know there is rarely much violence shown in trailers in order to market it to a wider audience, but I’m hoping for at least a similar violence level to halo 5 in the game itself.


  • Graphics overall look really good, just could use a little more detail.
  • Enemies are more realistic in how they fight and respond to being attacked. They charge you if stuck by a grenade, stumble, when shot in the legs etc…
  • Grappling hook! Liiks interesting and allows for many more gameplay possibilities.
  • Sprint and clamber staying. A good choice, I feel they are essential to modern gameplay.
  • New brute villain seems interesting, and his character is pretty well detailed. He looks like he has actually been through war.
  • Flying grunts! Interesting new problem to deal with when fighting the banished and hilarious. Apparently brutes can also throw them at you.

Overall looks like a very good game, could just use some polish which I’m sure 343 is doing right now. I think this will be a great game and it may well be the first game I ever preorder. Let me know what you guys think.