Honest feedback from a returning vet

Ok, been at the beta since launch, and I finally convinced myself to make a feedback post.

First off, I like the game and think it has a ton of potential. Love this series. Been out of the game a couple years, though. So… no, I’m not the best player ever, but man… this game needs some work.

Biggest gripe is match making. What happened to skill level and party based match making? Like I said, I’m not the best player. And it seems like I’m constantly getting matched up against players significantly better than me and I have to assume many of those players are in parties while I’m teamed up with lower skilled solo players based on opposition team work verses allied lack thereof. I want to have fun with the game. It’s not fun when I’m getting throttled in most encounters.

Next biggest gripe is the overall feel of the game. It’s buttery smooth and looks good, but the controls leave something to be desired. I don’t want to add to the KB+M verses controller debate, so I’ll try to avoid that. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the controls just don’t feel “right” in Infinite. I feel H3 and Reach had the best this series had to offer in terms of sheer mechanics, and Infinite as it is today, just doesn’t compare. Maybe it’s the auto aim, maybe it’s because I’m using a controller. It needs some TLC on 343i’s side. Maybe a setting should be added that allows players to only match with players using the same input method. It feels like it’s ‘this’ close, but still not where it should be.

Some of these weapons just plain don’t feel like they’re worth using. I want to love the commando rifle. I really do. But it just feels like a chore to use. Even when landing every shot, it takes too long to get a kill before the enemy gets to cover or turns around and is able to get a reversal with an AR or sidekick. Sentinal Beam? Pass. Heatwave? Pass. There’s more, but I’ll tack them up to me just not using them a lot for right now. When weapons are inevitably adjusted, instead of nerfing the “good” ones, try buffing the “bad”. I think what made past Halos great is that so many of the weapons could be argued were overpowered at the same time, which inadvertently balanced them all out. And made it feel like players could reliably get a kill with just about any weapon.

Spawnpoints. Especially on the smaller boards… Sure does seem like enemies spawn behind me an awful lot. Bring back the old motion tracker, too please. Pretty please?

Progression… yep. Another one. Can I make a suggestion or two? You can keep the challenges as is, but let me progress all of them instead of just the four active ones. I’d hate for that killing spree I got 2 games prior go to waste. Also, give me, like… I dunno, 10 percent of my final score and I’ll be on my way. Maybe 5 percent from bot matches? I do have fun with bot matches.

I have some other nitpicks, but I’ll leave it there. Already gone on long enough. But that’s because I genuinely care about this franchise. I want it to be awesome.

20 years! What a ride!


Edit… whoops… 20 character minimum? Cool I guess…

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The game has some issues it desperately needs to iron-out, but beyond that it feels great to play, I’m just happy people are discovering Halo for the first time & returning to it after a long absence from the series.

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Oh yeah. Infinite definitely has potential to be great. And I’m well aware it’s a work in progress. I’m just pointing out some of the bigger issues I have with the current build. I don’t think it would take too much to turn it around, either.