Honest discussion about the range on the AR

I’m sure this has been posted before, but the range on the AR is crazy. I hate to call out a nerf or something, but I feel like the range could be tweaked a bit. I’m just here to have an open discussion about it, let me know your thoughts.

I think the AR range is fine, because if you try to shot at someone too far away the recoil will cause you to miss most of the time.

Its fine as is. The AR is no longer a death sentence.

You have to have skill to kill with the AR from a distance

Even in Warzone with the better scopes you have to pace shots for long range AR kills but even then the AR is obviously going to lose to a BR Magnum or DMR

It’s absolutely fine. In anything other than close range any decent player can beat an AR with a precision weapon, hell you can even beat one in close range if you get a perfect.

It’s not the range… it’s the damage points + range. I think the versatility its current range brings is good, however the damage should have the AR with a TTK closer to the Magnum. I’m not against an AR that can only stand at close range either though, as I’m not really a fan of it but still see the benefits of having a capable secondary to extend your life and to avoid Reloads in bad situations.

It would be interesting to have M6D starts with M6C secondary. I’m all for that!

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> It would be interesting to have M6D starts with M6C secondary. I’m all for that!

Dude…that would be sweet.

The AR and weapon balance is near perfect. It’s great the way it is. Every weapon has a purpose and time to use it.

All guns seem to be able to shoot crazy far, its just how accurate it is at hitting the target. AR, if done right, can do some serious damage or lay some serious cover fire. It all requires bursting it or getting a good stability.

SMG Range >>

Storm Rifle Range >>>>

AR Range >>>>>>

they all have their uses and situations

It’s fine

I think the range is fine.

The balance in in H5 is actually pretty questionable.

The pistol, at best, kills only barely faster than the AR. It is much harder to use for such a pathetic potential TtK.

The AR is easier to use and much, much more forgiving. You HAVE to offset ease of use by either:

  1. Have a fast TtK but poor range and accuracy. (H1,H3)
  2. Be accurate but have a slower TtK. (HR)

In mine and much of the competitive crowds eyes, the automatics need to considerably toned down damage wise, or the pistol needs a buff to a 4 shot.