Home base barrier glitch?

So I recently finished a game on Battle of Noctus and at the end of it, something didn’t make any sense. At the end of the match we were losing, I didn’t mind. No way of coming back, so little old me decided to go to home base and grab a sniper rifle and practice some aiming. Towards the end a rocket hog comes up, only one guy in it switches to the turret and tries to kill me. I quickly dodged and receded back into the base behind the barrier where I should be safe. Well somehow I thought wrong? He shot a second wave and somehow I ended up dying… I don’t understand how. I’m behind the barrier, shouldn’t I be safe from any damage? And I stood pretty far from the barrier. Is it a glitch? I have the footage but I don’t know how to download it.
Barrier not safe? o__o

That’s pretty upsetting, looks like it just glitched out.

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> That’s pretty upsetting, looks like it just glitched out.

Yeah it is. I mean its not negatively affecting me. I’m just concerned for other players that might encounter this. Definitely needs some looking into cause it looks the blast radius of the rockets is where I got caught. But the barrier should protect me from it, however it didn’t.

I think you were to close with very low health. The splash damage, however minimal, was enough to kill you. Upsetting for sure, but I think it was legit.

I’ve stood almost touching the barrier egging on a tank who while blasting the force field never even scratched me and didn’t notice my team mate boarding him and blowing him up … That’s what you call team work :smiley:

This doesn’t show the tank but was just before while I was winding this player up because he had chased me to my base.


Lol thats what you get for camping noob

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> Lol thats what you get for camping noob

lol we were losing anyways. Did you not see the score?

Ive been killed through those plenty of times. Almost every time it happens they shoot you before you make it behind the barrier, so some if not all the shots still hit you…

Cant be worse than getting spawned in the vehicle bay in the fortress lol. (Happened to me a few times)

Looks like a glitch to me. Somehow the splash damage got through the barrier, when it normally doesn’t in my experience.