Holy Mother of Detail

You know how there was only about two CCS’s that were ever shown in Spartan Ops’ cutscenes? Well, you’re not going to believe how much detail went into them.

This guy is crazy talented. I hope he does more work for Halo. Seriously.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Great find OP, really cool stuff.


Just read the first one… and man this guy is doing great for no knowing what half the things on this ship are. :smiley:

Looks. So. Good.

Finished. Still looks. So. Good.
Now I really wish we had some amazing close ups of the ship… before it was, uh, obliterated by Infinity.


So much… Detail…

Excuse me, could anybody help me find my jaw? I must have dropped it somewhere in this thread.

That is nerdgasmic… I’m just going to point that out…

Too bad you don’t see more of those details in the Spartan Ops episodes, would have been cool…

Dat Detail