Holy jumping mantis Batman!

So the mantis is a cool looking vehicle and managing/aiming its firepower does take skill to master. Since its so slow (and from what I’ve seen cant go airborne at all) it really comes off as boring to me. No flips, no cliff jumping, no free falling not really much to it to make it able to create cool situations. I mean I dont think I’ll ever have a vid on my file share focused on a Mantis.

One idea Ive had is make the mantis able to jump. I know this sounds rediculous but hear me out. I was thinking they could make this jumping feature work like banshee maneuvers like press the left bumper along with a direction button to jump in that direction. Maybe make the jumping distance about the length of a tank and add a damage effect similar to the stomp upon landing. Also just so mantis don’t become too mobile as a result, they could had a half second animation delay before the jump and after landing (very similar to how the stomp has a delay).

This would make the mantis have some dodging capability based on prediction. It would give the mantis some cool posabilities instead on just walking around everywhere with projectiles flying out of it.

You can make it slide (there’s a Forge map), get it on a moving Banshee, and walk up invisible steps (glitch) but that’s about it.

It’s lame and you can easily camp with it.