Holy HELL those tank controls are bad

How on EARTH did that pass QA. You cant reverse while aiming sideways. You have to point the turret in the direction you want to go, and even then its hard to get it to go where you want. Absolute joke this made it past QA.


This is 343. They like taking things that were never broken, and then try to ‘fix’ them, to only break them anyways.


I really hope they fix this and the physics on the chopper, mongoose, and warthog.

It’s a shame too, because other vehicles, like the wasp and ghost, feel EXCELLENT.


Yeah, I got into a tank in that base in the campaign and was super confused on it’s controls. Can’t we just get one that does this:

W - Move forward in the direction your tank is facing ( not the turret )
S - Move Backwards in the direction the tank is facing ( again, not the turret )
A - Turns the tank to the left
D - Turns the tank to the right

The turret’s direction shouldn’t change how WASD functions at all.

But in this, I would go forward when hitting A and D instead of turning…


That’ll be $9.99 please and thank you.


I actually think they may have fixed the mongoose. I found it really stable last few days, so much I was zipping around the map.

But yeah, the tank is baddddd. I just go for the wraith now.

REally? never used a tank yet… haven’t had the chance… i noticed warthog driving is a little touchy but haven’t been able to use tanks yet… the only thing i haven’t had the chance to us :sob:

did they fix the warthog?? i found it flips too much, probably has too little health still though.

Your stealing my jokes man… that was my meme… Well i had a feeling someone else would be using it…

It’s just too easy :wink:
You can respond with this to pretty much every complaint.

The only issue i have with the ghost is it feels just a little too weak to me, and that’s coming from both ends i’ve driven one and shot them :stuck_out_tongue:

The Warthog needs just a little more health and phsycics fixed i once rolled over on high power and then the hog continued to slide into the pit in the middle is that pit a sarlacc pit or something???

Along with the warthog the Razorback should i think still have higher health than the warthog, but it defintly needs it’s physics fixed too.

I already did and the mods got mad at me for spitting possible truth…

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Hahaha. I guess I’ll take my turn until the mods get mad at me :rofl:

Well to be fair halo infinite doesn’t take place on earth soo heh :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck.

It feels like someone else is driving…

It literally does the opposite of what you press…how did this get through?!?

I just don’t understand, how these things went pickted up in testing.

So many unexplained problems with this game, it’s really quite bizzare. Feels like there were major issues during development.


The tank was especially frustrating on M&K. There were times where I didn’t even feel like I was controlling the damn thing and I just stopped using it as a result.

I don’t understand what was so wrong about the controls for all the other games that they had to go in and change it

Yeah, I have no idea why that change was made. The tank controls were just about perfect in past games. I get excited when I see one in the campaign, be ause I haven’t been able to gry in one in multiplayer, and to my surprise, the controls are awful.

The camera is forward, the nose of the tank is about 11 o’ clock, I tilt the move stick forward… that the tank moves in reverse.

Small wonder the handful of times I’ve seen a scorpion in multiplayer, it wasn’t moving.

I tried driving the tank with keyboard and mouse but it’s just awful. You can’t even get the tank to turn while stationary. Making driving the tank through small bases or obstacles impossible. I really hope 343i fixes this.

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Yeah somehow the Scorpion drives worse than ever

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