Holy Hell These Servers

What is up with this lag. It is INSANE. I mean awful.

I have an excellent internet connection.
I am hardwired.
I have NEVER had an issue with any other game.

Halo is a constant lagfest, ESPECIALLY the past few days. It is completely unplayable when 1/3 games everyone is hopping around the map and shots don’t register and your skipping back and forth across the map.

Games start and no one spawns, games start and one person spawns and kills all the other peoples uncontrolled bodies, Dominion starts, plays for a minute, stops, restarts and doesn’t label the bases…

Then on top of all of this -Yoink-, the server obviously doesn’t realize it is lagging because there is never a shift of host. Although that happens a TON, it’s never to fix lag as far as I have seen.

Then, on top of that, if you quit too often, you get banned.

I have not gotten banned, so this isn’t a vengeance-complain thread about that, yet. But, in the past 5 games I played, 3 of them were uncontrollably laggy, and the 4th had 1 person on our team spawn and no one else.

How are we supposed to play the game and not quit when we can’t even play the game.

There are no servers actually, besides those used to match players (since multiplayer is host-dependent), you’re just having some severe connection problems. I’m not necessarily saying you have a bad connection, because these things happen to me from time to time, but certain people are heavily affected by lag while others aren’t at all.

I’d like 343 to look into this soon, and see what can be done about optimizing netcode.