Hologram: Playing a player.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I happen to notice not a lot of people use Hologram. You see a lot of Promethean Vision, which does seem to do a good job of canceling it out and telling you when you can fire off your next shot from across the map -a matter I won’t be discussing my distaste for in this thread beyond that small jab-, some small amount of Jetpack, and even some Hardlight Shield. But one thing you don’t see is Hologram.

Now, this thread isn’t about telling people to change hologram’s design or lamenting it’s worth. It’s just to say ‘This is why I like Hologram. And why I like that it’s ignored’.

Hologram is about playing with your opponent. From a distance, a good hologram can be used to afford you time behind cover. Your opponent presumes you decided to take off for the next bit of cover, and proceeds to waste shots on you, still eager for that kill they happen to be one or two bullets away from. It’s usually just seen as that. A quick bullet sponge before you move on. However, if you’re a close-quarters oriented player, what seems to be a simple distraction can be so much more.

I primarily use the AR -yes, yes, ‘AR is for noobs’. But I’m still making high scores with minimal deaths, so it works for me- because it’s effective in close quarters. So let’s set up a particular scenario. You’re on Adrift, and someone is firing at you from one of the T intersections. You take cover behind a wall and crouch, glance to the opposing end of the intersection, and order your hologram off into the distance. As it obediently follows your command, the person who was firing on you wastes a few rounds on it, before it passes the small threshhold and keeps running off into the distance. On a motion sensor -especially if you were quick-, this seems as though you just took cover and then made a break for the exit-- a rash move on your part. Your pursuer will have to make a decision as well. Smart players will be able to see this ruse through.
But let’s be honest, how often to do you run into someone who’s thinking clearly in the middle of a hectic game of Adrift?
Those who get caught up in the thrill of this chase will most likely pursue your hologram. The motion sensor ping your soon-to-be-working trap leaves stays on the enemy radar, assuring them the target is still within reach. They dash past the T intersection, turning and see the unwitting target. The reticle turns red, all they need do is–

Now, I don’t know if this is true, but it seems the opponents I play against frequently get startled by the AR. Maybe it’s because in a game with a heavy grip on semi automatic ‘precision gameplay’, a sudden surge of automatic fire is like being splashed with cold water. Or maybe they just don’t expect your hologram to be a ruse. Because hologram is for noobs, right? lololol.
Either way, the effect is nice. You mow them down, they promptly freak out and attempt to turn in some effort to pull off a headshot they think will save their long-range skills and power, and ultimately die. Of course, you don’t often mow them down, mind you. That’s just the polite way of putting a duped target out of it’s misery.

One aspect of the Hologram is that, in the eyes of the dupee, it gives them a chance at something primarily used to humiliate a target; The Assassination.
Yes, this nigh-mythical thing does exist, you DMR toting suckers, and boy does it feel good. It is this very hunger for an assassination that often overrides reason in players. The reason you’ll see someone tear down a hallway like a bat out of hell because they see a turned back as an open invitation, as though someone slapped a large 'STAB ME’ note on their back and they are shaking what they were given by the motherly parental unit.

Needless to say, this is exactly why a good assassination can allow a very, very satisfying kill. And this is exactly why a lot of players will bolt for the nearest potential backstab as though you were holding out a steak on the end of a fishing line. And when said player gets to this steak only to realize it was all a ruse? When they are forced to watch those painful few seconds -screaming and button mashing optional but preferred- as you force your knife into their bodily cavities and snuff out that light?

That, my friends, is Catharsis. Doubly so considering that murder you just preformed? You didn’t need to look down a scope to do it.
And it’s precisely why I love the Hologram.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, since I felt the Halo community needed more than just ‘DMR/LIGHTRIFLE/BR/CARBINE NEEDS BUFF’. Cheers!

It’s pretty good tactically too. If you’re in a gunfight with someone, if you send it out in the middle of combat it obscures your player for a few seconds (longer if you can keep it between you and them) and causes some of their bullets to be absorbed by it. It also draws their reticle onto it, so once they’re on it you can move around the side and shoot them up for the second or two it takes them to drag their aim off it and back onto you.

man. the first AA i used in Halo 4 was the hologram. needless to say i havent touched any of the others. its amazing, almost every time i use it it gets fired on. its saved me countless times and has even awarded me a few assassinations.

Hologram is great, I don’t see others using it as often, it’s the only AA I used in reach and is pretty much the only one I use in Halo 4, people always seem to fall for it when I use it too which is great