Holiday Giveaway! [Closed]

Choosing and announcing winners today!

It’s the season again folks, the season for giving!

I have 20 Platinum Packs to give away. Here’s how to win: just put in a comment of a feature you would like to see in Halo Infinity. Doesn’t have to be complicated, and I don’t even need a reason; just put in your heart’s desire. On the 22nd of December, I will randomly choose 20 winners and each will get a single pack.

Me, I just want to see a Pelican gunship in action during gameplay.


Definitely want to see Fotus armor return!

UNSC scarab contender type of vehicle.

The return of the 60 round monstrous sounding MA5B Assault Rifle From Halo: Combat Evolved would be nice. Either that or the return of the Halo 4 ‘Happy’ Flood with day grin, and all the funny sounds XD. Of course 343 could tip the hat to youtube user ImSuck and make a working Numa Numa Sentinel Beam and as a tip of the hat to Kiki Wolfkill, a working Steps 5 6 7 8 Sentinel Beam as well XD.

playable elites :slight_smile:

I want master chief to have the armor that hiddenxperia shows in his latest video

Keeping it nice and simple here, I would love to see Reach-style Firefight return. It was an awesome way to just do some simple PvE without going into campaign.

I’d like for something to happen with the undesignated Forerunner builder (and Bastion) from Halo 5.

3 days left! Keep em coming!

longer campaign than halo 5’s

Unlocking armor by earning it, not microtransaction.

The thing I want from Halo Infinite is everything better than Halo 5 (let’s just say not the best halo)

I don’t really need a REQ pack, I already have everything, but I would really like the classic movement mechanics to return. I created a very popular thread on the subject, and I’d hate for it to be for nothing.

My biggest wish is for Halo to return to classic movement mechanics <3

I would most love to see Spartan Companies return.

I would like to see a multiplayer level in space with a UNSC ship and Covenant cruiser fighting. Each team would spawn on a ship and have to fly pelicans/banshees/etc to the opponents ship and destroy it from the inside

For me I would like to have special events throughout the years to where maps are changed and special armor/customization are able to be unlocked.

Not really a feature but, I’d like to see Halo: Infinite return to it’s former glory. I want Halo to again, be that game that every other FPS tries to replicate and wants to be like. I want it to be that it game everyone talks about for years to come.

Also a Firefight or even a Campaign editor would be cool. Always wanted that in a Halo game.

Team interactions and call-outs in multiplayer. Kinda like how it was used in the campaign of Halo 5 to direct your team.