Holiday Fiesta

My friends and I have been having so much fun in the playlist for the past few weeks. We played last week and the enemy team spawned in with two Nornfangs and a Prophets Bane! Luckily we killed them somehow and had controll of all the mythic weapons. So, from the very beginning of the match to the last minute I had a norfang in my hand and boy was it fun watching the enemy players try and run from me. Anyways I think this playlist was a good idea and should stay… PERMANENTLY!

I’m hoping they just replace the regular fiesta playlist with this one. Nice to have game type variety and the matches are quick.

No reason for fiesta Slayer to go to 75, even though I know it’s always been that way.

This was an ideal social playlist for halo 5 in my opinion.

Yeah I agree, very fun playlist. Regular Fiesta gets boring after a while, it was nice to see some other games modes and objectives thrown in there