Holding The Fire Button To Shoot Needs To Return

Please bring back the ability to fire by holding the fire button instead of tapping. For example, in Halo CE you could still fire the Magnum by holding down the button. In Infinite, you have to tap to keep firing the Sidekick.

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What is this in reference to specifically?

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just a heads up, but that’s literally only the CE Magnum, and doing so made the gun shoot slower than semi-auto and have spread.

This kind of firing system wouldn’t work given how several guns are balanced with Bloom


Kinda figured this was the context.

OP doesn’t seem very interested in selling their point.

Wh. Do you mean for all weapons? Some weapons you can hold to fire bc they’re semi or automatic but like. Things that require a trigger pull per bullet are fired the same way - one input per round. I don’t understand what you want here, you want all weapons to be some form of automatic?? Or are we talking about some sort of accessibility option for reducing hand strain from repeated tapping?

The shotgun would jam and get me killed. Just holding to fire would fix that.

I have a feeling the op is talking about how in older shooters (Doom, Quake, Unreal) you hold the fire button and the gun will shoot continuously even if it was a single-shot type of weapon (RL, GL, SSG) however the RoF wasn’t different it was just ease of use.


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Or you could just continue to pull the trigger on the controller/press left click to fire the weapon as it was intended to function?

“Jamming” is a glitch that can be fixed, it seemed to affect full-auto weapons as well.

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