Hold on, "Free" Battlepass in the new road map?

I know this isn’t the most important aspect to worry about, but I thought I’d air it out for anyone that might be getting excited about the word “free”.

So I just learned that the new free Battlepass for season 3 or whatever is basically just the unreleased Reach armor that got scrubbed from season 1. If that’s the case, it’s not free. You would need the Mk. 5 [B] core to use any of that stuff… which is only available to people who bought the season 1 BP for $10. We’ll have to see what else is in it, but I’m certain most stuff will be unusable for F2Pers.

Edit: I’ve been told the Mk. 5 [b] core should be part of this BP.


I hope they add a bunch of coatings to that core because that’s probably the main reason I don’t touch it. Although I doubt it’ll give me one I’d prefer ( Purple and Red ).

While I doubt it, cross core could come before the release of the free battlepass.

In light of the recent splitscreen news, I have absolutely no faith 343 will keep their promise regarding the greater scope of cross-core. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just stop at visors.


Maybe I’m misremembering, but I believe one of them said it’s going to give the Mark V[B] core. So those of us who didn’t buy the premium pass for season 1 will be able to use the items.

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Season 1 was supposed to be 120 levels until it got cut to 100. Throw in a few more levels and… POOF… A 30 level event.

It’s basically just an “event” with 30 levels like the other 6 week events they have done.

I bet that Tier One is going to be the core. Would make sense, and also give two armors as base customization.
I made a thread suggesting it awhile ago, and now it might come true: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/should-mark-v-b-just-be-gifted-to-all-players/529687/23

In the 30 min video, they said the mark v(b) core is part of the 30 tier battle pass.


Supposed to be ‘free’. I’d take that with a grain of salt for now since they did previously claim that most content would be earnable and only earnable in-game just before launch.


Everyone who completes the 30 level free event pass gets the MkV B core. You just don’t get any of the customization items from the S1 pad unless you purchase it and play through it

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Supposedly supposed to have a Halo Reach theme for items. The pass is designed to give players free items, but also to act as a test for the new progression system. The new system is going to base around playtime, wins, and how well you perform in matches.

The formula might not be perfect right out of the gate, so they want to test this for the 30 level free battlepass before rolling out in season 3. The goal being that players progress through the battle pass faster.

Watch them FOMO gate it too. You gotta expect it by now.

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Man if they timegate this BattlePass that’ll just be the worst.

These items have been in the trailers and unusable for literally over a year at this point. Pathetic

Enough grains to fill a shaker.


It is a season 2 extension with its own short battlepass to test the per-match XP system. They made it short so people would go through it quickly and they get their results. Definitely not meant to last the 4 months between November and March (when Season 3 actually begins.) But yes they did say the core would be with it.

Who knows if there will be enough to actually play though. After the Yappening I don’t know what else they will add in the 2 months until the update. Then we have events in December and January. Nothing announced for late September, October, November, and February. So I don’t see much reason to come back around often. If I was in charge of 343 I’d rotate older events back into circulation in the meantime. But I think we all know they wouldn’t do that.