Hog Wild!

What do you guys think will be in it?

A scout hog that is loaded with explosive barrels.

I’m hoping for Rocket Race at the least :slight_smile:

Hedgehogs or ground hogs as playable characters is my best guess…

A dlc packed with stuff to buy 343 more time

I’m hoping for larger maps for everything. Big team heavies will hopefully be released, along with some much larger maps that can actually have a tank on it, and not like recurve which sucks compared to older, larger btb maps.

Ranked BTB and an arena map with vehicles?

A sonic the hedgehog blue DMR skin.

Warthog variations from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo Reach cause there is a picture of an older Hog so to speak.

Troop hog

> 2533274909395135;5:
> A dlc packed with stuff to buy 343 more time

Yeah, more emblems and skins.

Little R/C warthog pets that follow your spartan everywhere and are so cute and precious! ;D

Sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads.

A spiky warthog that can ram people

A warthog that protects the gunner from dying so -Yoink!- fast and a bunch of cosmetic items that no one asked for.

I want one of those warthogs with extra seats in the back. Imagine half a Warzone team in one Oni transporter hog. That would be fantastic!

A warthog that has a gun position in the passenger

A scout hog filled with marines.
The flame paint from Wars.

This guy.

I really believe that this will be the update in which they add in race, I cannot see anything else being added in. (hover hog?) (rocket league hog?) (stylish hog?) (Double Decker hog?) (Hog-warts?) (Pig-hogs?) (Flying Pigs?) (Half Life 3… confirmed?)