Hog wild wishlist

The official memories of reach list is coming this week so I think it’s appropriate to start talking about my hog wild wishlist

when they revealed the req list and showed off Hog Wild with the Halo 3 concept art, I was so hyped for it, Halo 3 is tied with reach as my favourite and I was sad to see less attention brought to it than Halo CE and Halo 2 had, especially considering how much was added in that installment

first off the armour

I would love to see a Recon gen1 armour somewhere. The original recon is my favourite armour of all time and the new one is just too different especially the body piece.

I would also love EOD and CQB, these need to return to Halo IMO

i would love to see Tsavo Highway made into a Warzone map. If they ever did that, I would cry tears of joy, I would actually like that better than a Spire Warzone map TBH

i would like to see Race come back, along with King of the Hill and a couple others.

I also expect the plasma rifle to come to back in this update. I expect a classic warthog and a Hannibal hog, maybe even the brute shot, this would all make me beyond happy

343, Hog Wild can be something more than just a pointless REQ dump, I know they’ll never read this but I hope this update can be a huge farewell to h5 updates

For my wish list I want dank skins and dank variants of the hogs hehe