Hog Wild = New Warthog?

Not a new camo, but a new warthog altogether. Something like the Chain, Guass and Rocket. What do you reckon it could be?

Personally, I hope is something electrically powered, like the Guass Cannon

When you look to the update picture, you can notice that it has an other chaingun like the ones in halo ce- reach

Anniversary Warthog? Hell yeah!!

Hopefully one with more defensive plates for the gunner lol.

Also hoping for those marine carrying warthogs from Halo 3 too.

Troop transport from H3

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> Troop transport from H3

would be nice to get people places

A pimped out hog with hot rod flames, hydraulics and a -Yoink-’ stereo system.

What I hope it means is that race and rocket race are making a return, probably won’t happen though.

It’s going to be invincible warthog from Halo CE obviously.

Hopefully the CE Warthog. And hopefully it doesn’t bounce around when you hit a pebble.

/\ /

Warthog with a modified Forerunner focus turret and anti EMP armor plating.

Okay maybe not but a guy can certainly dream lol.

Maybe its the warthog from Halo ce

IDK, but I’m really upset that “Hog Wild” is even an update. I hate hogs. Most people play solo, and a Hog requires two people. Every time someone drives me, they run straight into an enemy armory just to get killed or jacked. Every time I drive, the gunner is terrible or doesn’t fire. Also, there are so many different Hogs in the game that getting cool stuff is significantly decreased. I HATE HOGS. Put another Phaeton variant. The plain Phaeton sucks as rare as it is. Add a Hornet. It sucks having only one air vehicles other than the Phaeton. Anything other than a Hog please.

Halo PC Rockethog would be cool

I was thinking a Railgun warthog, but that’d be too similar to the Gauss Hog.

Transport Hog WTF!

I hope it’s a '58 HOG!