Hog Wild maybe 343 made BTB maps?

As I played the new BTB maps today and realized how important the Warhog is in BTB. Mostly just wishful thinking

I think it’s just a gamemode where everybody spawns in Warthogs on existing maps as teams unfortunately. (similar to Rocket Hog Race in Halo:Reach)

Probly race or something. Anythings really possible with the name “Hog Wild”

I really hope they bring rocket race back.

I doubt they’ll make BTB maps; the game-mode has enough Forge maps as it is, so I think they’ll leave it at that. A race game-mode would be cool, however.

I hope they make a vehicle called the WORThog get it. An elite with 4 speed boosts gives u and a friend a piggyback each of u dual weilds swords or hammers with 100 damage boosts and overshields. And ur only visible if the enemies shields are damaged

I doubt they will create their own BTB maps. It seems as if they have left that to the community. Hog Wild will probably contain the Troop Hog, new variants of the current Warthogs, and possibly the Race/Rally gamemode.

If they really made BTB maps with Wild Hog, that could amount to Two maps at the most if no other new map is made before that.

If I recall, after Torque we had gotten 11 maps out of the 15. This means the BTB forge maps, remixes and Assault versions were counted. So we have four maps left at this poont out of which one will be the new Warzone map, and from that we’ll most likely get an assault version. Mind you, that is if I recall it correctly.

As much as I doubt it, I would love another official BTB map. Really, just how many Forge maps can you MAKE? Sure they play fine but…they miss that LOOK you know? It doesn’t look like its REAL.
Pain for machinima for sure.