Hog-Potato 2.0

I’ve been delaying this too long and with the revival of the File Share system here on Waypoint, I’ve capping my procrastination in the kneecap and posting Hog-Potato 2.0 here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the original Hog-Potato it’s rather simple. It’s Hot Potato played (Which is Oddball where the Oddball is a Bomb that explodes randomly after 30 seconds) on Hemorrhage where the Bomb-Oddball is a Warthog. At first I found this pretty cool.

But over time Hog-Potato has become one of my most hated gametypes in Action Sack.

Why is also simple. The only change is that the Bomb-Oddball is a Warthog and all vehicles are replaced with Mongooses. That’s it. That alone makes it disappointing for a gametype that’s in Action Sack. But then comes the settings. It’s AR starts and all the weapons normally on the map are left there. Invariable somebody is going to get Sniper and just sit with it, sniping people the entire game, and given the weapon starts it’s all but impossible to stop them, and hard to flip the Warthog and steal it away, and it’s often destroyed in the process. And lastly? The bomb spawn isn’t randomized and it’s impossible to randomize it, so Blue always spawns with an uncontested claim to the Bomb-Hog.

So I fixed it.

Hog-Potato 2.0
Hemorrhage HP

What did I fix?

There are no weapons on the map, no Snipers to abuse, and the Red and Blue bomb spawns have been removed and it’s just one central spawn and the Hog is now invincible. Now, just fixing the glaring problems wouldn’t be enough. This is an Action Sack gametype. It should be an Action Sack gametype. And while a Warthog that is also an Oddball which is also a Bomb is cool, it’s not cool enough. So AR Starts are out.

Instead you have your choice of two loadouts. Juggernaut or Berserker. With Juggernaut you spawn with a CR and four Frags and Stickies. With Berserker you spawn with an Evade and a Gravity Hammer. AA use is infinite, as is the ammo. Player speed is slightly increased as it is in Speedflag so that players can greatly extend the range of Evade as well as ski off the slops on the Hemorrhage floor. It’s recommended that Juggernauts make use of the Mongooses since they lack an AA.

I’m still considering this a work in progress though since I’ve only had a chance to playtest it once, so any feedback I’m willing to take. My original goal was to get this to replace Hog-Potato in Action Sack, but I think it’s a little late for that.

I would say this is a shameless bump, but I am filled with shame for bumping this.

But I also have a legitimate request too.

I’m looking to get feedback on it as well as it’s one of my first creations in Forge.