HOD | NEW Halo Reach Machinima (Trailer Out Now!)

“Welcome to HOD” - Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8ZDF_oOVNc

The untold story set during the events of Halo Reach: Follow the story of a spartan fire team of 4 members (Cadenza, Berwick, Romero, & Luda) which runs missions for a private military corporation known as HOD, which runs contracts that trade resources for military ordnance. HOD’s main goal is to establish a contract with the UNSC that would turn them into the main resource supplier for the UNSC. As a series of mysterious events arise, the fire team comes to explore the gray areas to a world they thought was black and white.

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Nice trailer can’t wait till it comes out!

Thanks for letting us know about this!