HLG (Hidden League Gaming)

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone out there still hides during online matches to annoy the opposite team whilst winning? If you don’t know what HLG is, then check out my youtube channel: YouTube.com/HLGRunningCircles


Just recently was the first time i had heard the term HLG, Not quite a fan of it. Hiding to gain an edge i’m acceptable with, but hiding with a small lead seems dirty to me. Got to wtiness a friend get to deal with it with someone else playing on his xbox who must be the king of the nubs.

Only time i’ve ever come close to it was on Invasion Slayer Spire with my buddy. It was naturally a 2v6 and after some grueling combat at the spire we retreated down, grabbed a warthog the spartan team had left and hightailed it to the back. Game ended before they could hoof it down to the lowland area to where we had resetup.