One of the things i liked about the classic halos was the hitbox. Your aiming has to be more precise, especially with the sniper rifle. Noscoping people is so much harder, thus more satisfying versus Halo 5’s hitbox where it feels like a lot of shots are registered too easily.

How do you want Halo Infinite’s Hitbox to function?

Hitboxes in all Halo games are similar: they always follow the visible player model fairly precisely. What changes from game to game are the aim assisting mechanics (example here). To put it simply, there are two types of mechanics: those that make the bullets curve towards the opponent when the reticle turns red (often called bullet magnetism), and those that affect the speed of the reticle when it turns red (often called aim assist). While the hitboxes remain the same, these are what changes from game to game and make the aiming feel different. For example, the Halo 3 Sniper Rifle had no bullet magnetism, which is partly responsible for making aiming with it difficult. The Sniper Rifles since Halo Reach have all had bullet magnetism, which is why they’re so easy to noscope with.

Another thing to note is that the shots themselves behave differently. In Halo CE and 3 the shots took some time to reach the target, depending on distance, to simulate the travel time of a bullet (we call such shots projectiles). In all other Halo games, in contrast, for weapons that don’t have clear projectiles (e.g., BR, AR, but not Plasma Pistol) the shot connects instantly as the trigger is pressed (this is called hitscan). With projectile weapons the player needs to take the travel time into account, which makes aiming more difficult than with hitscan weapons.

Depends on what the mobility is like. The reason H5 hitboxes are bigger than classic Halo’s is because everyone is moving at 2-3 times the speed. While I agree with that reasoning I still think H5 hitboxes are too big.

I think the reason the hitboxes are different then the classic games are because they have different spartan models. In 1-3, the spartan’s models are taller and larger looking, in Reach-5 the spartans are more human and realistic looking (Smaller heads for example), likely because of sprinting and armor/spartan abilities needing more flexible models to look good, as a result Halo Reach introduced new and less stiff ragdoll physics, the same ragdolls carried into Halo 4 before being changed again in Halo 5, where they are even more flexible. Its also probably one of the reasons Chief has new armor in Halo 4, cause they made a new model for spartans. Assuming the Spartans have the same model type as Halo Reach - 5, i think the hitboxes will remain mostly the same in Infinite.