Hit Registration?

So, at an onyx level, I meet and talk to a lot of people in the community where everyone knows how to use a BR. After two weeks, I’m posting here to ask. Has anyone else had issues with shot registration?!

Myself and everyone on my list has experienced it. Get a guy one shot. Plant 3 bullets on their chin. No kill. 5th shot is even sometimes a headshot, still no kill. I go in theatre, from the SERVER’S PERSPECTIVE. Watch the shots hit the head after shields are cracked. No kill. Are those of us in the 15-1600 range just stupid and don’t know how to aim or is this an actual issue?

Getting a perfect with a BR happens maybe once a game for me. And I’m no lazy shot. Same for my friends, who are definitely sweats and could probably out BR me in their sleep. I want to know why I’m getting out BR’d when I have first shot and I’M NOT MISSING.

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This has to be related to an internal server issue… that happens more than it should. If you hit someone first and magically they are just able to come back even after their shields are popped with 5 bullets to the head and still kill you its a server issue… Some games it’s fine others it’s horrible and I don’t feel like playing the dang game lol

A problem I’ve experienced is when you break their shield you lose all aim assist… Doesn’t happen every time, but when it does it throws your aim off so bad you just shiit the bed.

I’ve found this same thing too, it makes the gunplay with the BR and Sidekick stupidly inconsistent. I don’t know whats happening with it, but it’s quite bad.

I experience this issue just about every single game. Even with 17-25 ping I get almost no hit registration. Most of the time I’m having to empty entire magazines to kill someone. Never missing just not getting registration. I’ve also noticed it with melee as well.