Hit registration

Has anyone noticed that the hit registration lately has become idk trash its the only word I can think to describe it. I mean I know no game has perfect hit reg. not every bullet is going to register 100% of the time due to server, your internet connection, enemies and teammates connection, etc. But compared to a month or two ago I’ve noticed it’s gotten really bad. I’m directly connected to my modem my ping is usually around 25-40 from the west U.S to the eastern part of the U.S the highest I’ve seen it for the eastern was about 70. So these aren’t the best but definitely not the worst and are kinda within “normal” I guess. Also lately I’ve had Spanish only speaking teammates which is OK as I’m from New Mexico and can at least understand what is being said 50% of the time but when this does happen is when hit reg. Is really really bad along with lag(teleporting 4 feet one way than all of a sudden back in the original spot or getting shot running around the corner with half my life left then all of a sudden I’m dead with my health dropping slowly just all of a sudden within. 25 of a sec n I’m dead). Has anyone else been dealing with anything similar with their connection and hit reg?

Same problem, i’m from italy.

no server maintenance only a handful of people are working on halo mcc

Than why is my hit reg. Soooooooo bad lately I watch theater and I know it doesn’t always show the best film when I comes to reticle placement and shots registering but when I’m pulling the trigger and my reticle is on their head plus It shows a hit with the little diamonds or whatever on you screen and I switch to the other player and his screen shows the red from where he is getting shot from but his life ain’t going down what the heck is going on. And some of the kids reticles are WAY WAY Off but they are getting hit markers(sick bullet magnet) and my life is going down I just don’t get it