Hit Registration and Lag is really bad

Even with great ping hit registration is hit or miss.

Now im not saying every game is horrible, but no way that hit registration should be this bad with <15 ms ping.

Ive been killed around corners by BR shots half a second past cover. multiple headshots from BR and sidekick that dont register. Melee hits dont register half the time, and backsmacks not getting instant kills. Ill die from enemy melee hits .25 seconds after i killed them.

This is all from my recorded games and then going to watch theater replays.

Seriously the netcode for this game is garbage. not the worst ive seen but by far the worst for a halo title.

Im on PC playing with controller

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I get killed behind walls all the time. It’s not the worst I’ve ever played, but they definitely could improve servers, netcode, and hit registration.

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